submits table tennis results to Ratings Central.

The purpose of the program is to enable efficient submission of table tennis singles pennant results to Ratings Central.

The program can be used to:
1) Create Pennant fixtures, ladders and match score entry with submission of results to Ratings Central and posting to a WordPress site as well as production of Table allocation sheets and score sheet printouts.
2) Manually enter scores including pasting from a spreadsheet or importing from a text file for submission to Ratings Central.
3) Interact with RCPennantScorer via dropbox (or manual pasting from email) to collect match data entered by other scorers for submission to Ratings Central.

For Victorians: Previously entered ResultsVault match scores can be extracted and converted for importing into RatingsCentral, avoiding the need for double entry of individual scores.

This program has been developed by Gerard McCarthy of ES&CTTA using Livecode.

Thanks to David Marcus of Ratings Central for the very clear API that makes it possible to design such a program easily. Special thanks for his help in deciphering the API pascal encryption and encoding routines needed for the password conversion for the Event Report.

Thanks to David Smith (AWTTA), Jeff Gardner and Trevor K Turner (SETTA), Graham Wallis (MPTTA), Sam Esposito (ACT), Melvin Petch (TTWA), Claire Montgomery & Kameron Chan (TTV Premier League), Bruce Carter & Zach Anstey (CTTC) for feedback and suggestions.

Key features:

For RatingsCentral submission:
      • Cantor style entry of match scores.
      • Downloads and imports the required Rating List and Club List from Ratings Central.
      • Controls to rapidly build the Event Report needed to submit results to Ratings Central.
      • Storage of Event Reports for rapid resubmittal if changes to player data are needed later.
      • Conversion of typical spreadsheet match results into the Ratings Central standard format allowing the submission of unlimited number of matches in bulk without need to enter data.
      • Fast removal of scores typical of forfeits and walkovers.
      • Player name reformatting or reversal of firstnames and surnames to suit Ratings Central.
      • Simple find and replace to adjust player names to match Ratings Central for players previously entered into Ratings Central with slight name variations.
      • Full editing of player data with all Ratings Central player fields with rapid entry shortcut controls.
      • Players with the same name are listed in an Error Log for checking and quick replacement.
      • Controls to import Birthdates (useful for age related ranking) and Email address (which allow RatingsCentral to email results to players) for players listed in an event.
      • Automatic generation of Event Reports with navigation to the online Ratings Central submission form via the system browser, direct email and webpost (http post).
      • Club based filtering of RatingsCentral Rating List with player search and hyperlink type behaviour linking to RatingsCentral player results.
      • Country and other Province filtering of RatingsCentral Club List.
      • Controls for rapid RatingsCentral player ranking search mimicking the RatingsCentral player search page with rapid entry buttons to make rating list generation as easy as possible.
      • Production of short parameter lists for RatingsCentral player ranking search for using in excel web queries with greater simplicity.
      • Concise Help system for each screen.
      • Information for Directors which summarises the key information on Ratings Central.
      • A handy menu for Directors which links to RatingsCentral for registering, updating players, checking submitted events and reviewing RatingsCentral key information.
    • For Victorian users:
      A fully automated system for extracting results already entered in ResultsVault, with bulk options including the ability to collect of all results for a whole grade for a full season, and importing into RatingsCentral.
Major Functions
     MainSetup: Set the RCPennantData folder path.
Enter your Ratings Central Director LogIn Detail.
Set the Country and State/Province.
Enter the email settings.
Import the Ratings Central RatingList and ClubList.
Save the Setup User settings.
     Pennant: Set the Association or Club nickname and logo file for Scoresheets
     ResultsVault: Use the tools for transferring results from ResultsVault to Ratings Central
     Users: For multiple users launching the program from an online source.
     DirectorTools: Use to manage the storage area for files from another director.
     Events: Create the EventLine; setup a whole season of event file names; load saved past events for re-submission
     EventMatchData: Enter or Import match scores from text files, the Pennant section or paste in from spreadsheets and process them so they are in a form ready for the Players and Results sections.
     PlayersInEvent: Check the player data that is name matched with the Ratings Central database.
     EventReport: Save and submit the Event Report.
     Seasons: Set the pennant season.
     Grades: Set the grades for the current season.
     Teams: Set the base list of Teams and allocate them to each grade for the current season.
     Players: Set the base list of Players.
     TeamPlayers: Allocate Players to each team for the current season.
     NightVenues: Pair a home night to a Team so that the day of the week can be used when determining playing dates in the fixture.
Pair a Venue to a Team for venue usage analysis.
Display a table of Venue usage according to the fixture.
Check Venue usage using a fixture grid for a future season.
Allocate captains to each week of a Roster for a Venue.
     Templates: Match Templates: Specify the playing order for singles and doubles matches to be used in entering MatchScores. Pair a Match Template to a Grade for automatic selection in MatchScores.
     Templates: Fixture Templates: Specify the weekly playing order for teams used in CreateFixture.
     Templates: Finals Templates: Specify the final system used for each grade.
     CreateFixture: Create the fixture for a grade by specifying the start date, and the Fixture Template and Finals system.
     Fixtures: View the fixture for each grade, specific teams, all grades combined or all specific teams, with overall scores included.
     Tables: Specify table layouts. Allocate grades and fixture slots to tables. Print out table allocation sheets for matches and players.
     MatchScores: Create the match score sheet by specifying the Match Template and choosing the player order. Scores are entered manually.
     LadderSettings: Set the Grade ladder points.
Set the Player ladder points scoring formulae.
Set the counting of doubles for Player ladders.
Set the forfeit settings.
Set teams to exclude from the grade ladders.
Set grade ladder adjustments for teams.
     Ladders: Shows the Grade ladders and Player ladders and allows copying, printing and printing to pdf files.
     WP: Upload fixtures, match scores, ladders and latest results to a Worpress website.
     Email: Launch the default email program to email players based on selection of seasons, grades and teams.
ScoreSheets: The Scoresheet section is for the printing of scoresheets.
Past scores can be printed as well as future fixtures.
Scoresheets are best printed from the MatchScores and Tables screens.
     PennantHistory: List all the player’s matches for a season in the Pennant section.
     PennantRounds: List the number of rounds played by each player for the season in the Pennant section.
     RCHistory: List all the results for a player that are in Ratings Central.
     EventHistory: List the Ratings Central Event history for a player.
     NameEditor: Make changes to a player name in all the saved EventMatchData files used for making submissions to Ratings Central.
     Player Editor: Make changes to player birthdates, email address and phone contact files stored in the PlayerData folder.
Scorer: The Scorer section is for the transmission of files to and from a dropbox app folder so that RCPennantScorer can be used by other scorers to enter match scores with those scores being downloaded into RCPennantSubmitter.
Rating List: Filter the ratings list by Country or State with links to Ratings Central player  info and events.
ClubList: Filter the club list by Country or State with links to Ratings Central club info, events and players.
Ranks Lookup: Carry out complex player lookups in Ratings Central.


Version History:

7.1.0 Aug 13 2018
Added clicking on the month label for all calendars to set the date to today.
In RCEventReports: 4 Event report, added Check for Errors button to check for common errors in the event report.
In RCEventReports: 4 Event report, improved automatic check for common errors when attempting to submit an event report.
In Pennant: Templates: FinalTemplates, fixed 6FinalsTeams_4rounds and added 5FinalsTeams_3rounds_4matches.
In Pennant: CreateFixture, fixed Copy Simple Fixture.
In Pennant: MatchScores, limited round buttons to 18 rounds; longer fixtures require use of All to display matches in dropdown.
In Pennant: MatchScores, added QF and PF finals buttons.
In Pennant: MatchScores, reformatted round and finals buttons.
In SS, fixed saving and restoration of checkbox settings.
In SS, minor adjustments to heading labels line height.
In SS, removed extra grade, round and table prefixing.
In Pennant: Tables: 3 TableSheets, added option button for 6 lines per team.
In Pennant: Tables: 3 TableSheets, Print Sheets heading fixed.
In Pennant: Tables: 3 TableSheets, Print ScoreSheets includes next round of fixture in bottom right text area.
In Pennant: Teams, added button to change Team in Grade, including swapping players.
In Pennant: Ladders, improved sorting when clicking on field headers.
In Pennant: Email, added a third removal list.
In Pennant:WP, UpdatePennantTeams uses a simple dialog to edit the grades to include.
In Pennant:WP, UpdatePennantFixtures uses a simple dialog to edit the grades to include.
In Pennant:WP, UpdatePennantFixtures lists the team players and the simple fixture grid.

7.0.1 Jul 14 2018
In Pennant: MatchScores: shift clicking a slot player adds them to the season player list and the players info section; option clicking adds them to the team.

7.0.0 Jul 14 2018
In Pennant: Templates: MatchTemplates, added 2 new standard match templates: 5S_2D_BZ_bestof5 and 5S_2D_CY_bestof5.
In Pennant: CreateFixture, the help section contains the steps needed to swap teams form one grade to another mid season, while keeping previous results in the grade and player ladders.
In Pennant: CreateFixture, added buttons to resort the fixture, to remove the grade prefix and to replace the grade prefix.
In Pennant: MatchScores, modified the filtering of fixtures to show matches moved from another grade when teams are swapped between grades.
In Pennant: LadderSettings, added a tab for PlayerDoubles settings.
In Pennant: Ladders, modifed the filtering of match data file names to include matches moved from another grade when teams are swapped between grades.
In Pennant: Ladders, grade ladders only list teams listed in the Teams section for the grade in order to allow team swapping between grades within a season.
In Pennant: Ladders, added option clicking table headings to reverse the sorting.
In Pennant: NightVenues:Venues, added highlighting of venue and team when clicking on a pair.
In Pennant: WP, added option clicking Update Last Weeks results to go back 2 weeks.
In Pennant: Create Fixture, adjusted tabs spacing in Print Simple Fixture.
In Events, added option clicking table headings to reverse the sorting.
In Events, improved clearing and copying of events to act on the selected lines of the events.
In Events, added Email button to email directors of selected events.
In Events, Clear Events fixed.
In Events, added RCDirectors list file in RatingsCentralLists folder for Directors drop menu; this is updated with new versions.
In SS and SS2, added checkboxes for larger text for the Grade, Round and Date.
In SS and SS2, improvements in layouts.
In RatingList, added option clicking table headings to reverse the sorting.
In Players: PlayerEditor, added option clicking table headings to reverse the sorting.
In Players: PlayerEditor, added copy button to copy the selected player contact info with option click to copy all the selected player fields.
In Players: EventHistory, added option clicking table headings to reverse the sorting.
In Players: RCHistory, added option clicking table headings to reverse the sorting.
In Players: RCHistory, fixed display of +/-.
In ClubList, added Email button.
In ClubList, improved map button to search for club in maps if no address is given.
In RatingList, improved II button to find numbers at end of name.
In RatingList, added Sim1 and Sim2 buttons to find similar names with a maximum of 1 or 2 letters different. Maximum of 650 players at once.
In RatingList: FirstEvents, added Colouring of players whose first event priors break the floor rule.
In RatingList: FirstEvents, added Email to email directors responsible for players having first event priors which break the floor rule.

6.12.0 Jun 12 2018
In Scorer, added button to display the data from an imported dropbox file in Pennant if it has been downloaded already.

6.11.0 Jun 2 2018
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchData, added option button for keeping Event Priors when creating an event report for a past event.
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchData, Create Event Report produces an empty score instead of “”, which caused an error on submission.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players in Event, added the Permanent button for looking up the Permanent Player ID for negative player Ids.
In RCEventReports, added Dat file export button when using director folders.

6.10.7 May 27 2018
In Setup, added paste buttons.
In Pennant: Team Players, added buttons to link to Ratings Central.
In Pennant: Team Players, added buttons to list grade or team players in the RatingList.

6.10.6 May 12 2018
In Pennant: Season name length restriction of 20 characters lifted to 40 and underscore text usage fixed.
In Pennant: Tables, printing of scoresheets updated to included cycled allocations.
Table allocation help indicates grade prefix for fixtures and year required in Season.

6.10.5 May 12 2018
In RCEventReports: added error checking of event date relative to the submission date when attempting to use it in 4 Event Report.
In Pennant: Tables: 4 Season Grid, removed 0 date that was shown when there were skipped dates.
In Pennant: Tables: 3 Table Sheets, corrected use of the week drop button when using All Season printing for cycled allocations.

6.10.4 May 11 2018
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, Auto Today Now checkbox has been removed and replaced with forced automatic Today & Now usage. Today and Now buttons left in place.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added Club Year button to place as default text for building event names.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added Build Event Names button to build an event name.
In RCEventReports: added error checking of the report players to prevent empty priors or mixed priors in attempts to use the event report in 4 Event Report.

6.10.3 May 9 2018
In Pennant: Ladders, bug fix for grades with byes and grade names with a space in them.

6.10.2 Apr 30 2018
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, Create Event Series includes pop up list of dates to manually alter if the increment between rounds differs.
In Setup, added a lock icon to hide or unhide the email settings data.

6.10.1 Apr 28 2018
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, fixed link to Details Events.
In Pennant:Fixtures, Print Fixture Scores deals properly with printing of combined fixtures with more than one page.
In ScoreSheet (SS), added some checkboxes.

6.10.0 Apr 15 2018
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added tournament button to set the priors to the standard USA tournament values of 1400 and 450.
In Pennant: Ladder Settings, added Player Ladder adjustments and Player Ladder notes.

6.9.7 Apr 14 2018
In RCEventReports, added F3 and F4 keyboard shortcuts for to move up and down the Past Event field while on any of the 4 different RCEventReports screens to enable quick review of the past events.

6.9.6 Apr 14 2018
In Pennant, restored use of arrow keys in list fields.
In Pennant: LadderSettings:GradeLadderTeamExclusions, fixed saving of multiple exclusions in a grade.
In Pennant: LadderSettings:GradeLadderTeamExclusions, fixed deleting an exclusion in a grade.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players in Event, added expand button for the PlayersInEvent List.
In Players: RCHistory, fixed display of “-” points loss.

6.9.5 Apr 14 2018
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, Save and Place Defaults Events fixed for other province.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added the Default checkbox to the saved checkbox settings.
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchData, added priors display option buttons to the saved checkbox settings.

6.9.4 Apr 13 2018
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchData, added option buttons for initial priors using Create Event Report.
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchData, added column number controls, although generally automatic.
Added F1 and F2 keyboard shortcuts for RCEventReports to avoid mouseclicks for major buttons.

6.9.3 Apr 12 2018
In RatingList: FirstEvents section from Ranks, fixed filtering of selected director ID.
In RatingList: clicking on a line places the Club ID.
In RatingList: FirstEvents section from Ranks, added Select Event button to linked directly with the event in RCEventReports for resubmission.
In Events, added Select Event button to linked directly with the event in RCEventReports for resubmission.
In Events, improved sorting by clicking in the header of the event list.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, updated default built in settings for event priors.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added option clicking of cog to apply saved event prior settings to the event.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added setting and saving of a settings file to store Event Unrated standard deviations for the drop menu.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, uses the setup setting checkbox for the encoded director password when clicking on a past event.

6.9.2 Apr 11 2018
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added Event PlayerIDs button to view the permanent IDs for new players that had a negative ID assigned to them in the event.
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchData, improved behaviour of Firstname Surname to Surname, Firstname and Replace Player In Event Report.
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchData, added a X-IDs button to remove column 1 and 3 in which the player IDs are listed, when the ‘Has RatingsCentral ID before name’ checkbox is checked.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players in Event, modified the buttons for the priors.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players in Event, added Clear Dups button to remove duplicate listing of the same player that might happen if replacing another player using the FindSurnameInRC tools.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players in Event, added fields for current mean and standard deviation of a selected player.
In RatingList, added buttons to check for names with Surnames and FirstNames identical.
In RatingList, added buttons to check for names with Surnames and FirstNames reversed.
In Ranks, added button to place First Events in the RatingList screen.
In RatingList, added the FirstEvents section to contain output from the ranks First Events button.
In Events, updated the director drop menu to the current director list.

6.9.1 Mar 30 2018
In RCEventReports: 3 Players in Event, added Clear Dups button to remove duplicate listing of the same player that might happen if replacing another player using the FindSurnameInRC tools.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players in Event, added a player count field.
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchData, added a Clear button for the FilterOut text field.
In Players, RC IDs and ratings are automatically set to be limited to players within the country.
In Pennant: Teams, fixed Rename Teams.

6.9.0 Mar 19 2018
In Pennant: Teams, improved Rename Teams to take care of all related data in MatchDataSettings and MatchData folders.
In Pennant: Grades, improved Rename Grade to take care of all related data in MatchDataSettings and MatchData folders.
In Pennant: Grade, added common grade name buttons for use in renaming grades.
In Pennant: Email, fixed clear buttons for vCard fields.
In Pennant: LadderSetting: GradeLadderAdjustments, clicking on an adjustments also shows the grade ladder notes.

6.8.3 Mar 17 2018
In Pennant: Grade and Teams, added warnings not to rename the grade or team once match scores have been entered.
In RV, fixed http(s) regression in 6.8.0.

6.8.2 Mar 17 2018
In Players:RCHistory and EventHistory, added player standard deviation in header.
In Pennant:WP, added Grades tab to carry out all WP updates for a selected grade or all grades.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, club drop menu fixed to place club code as before.

6.8.1 Mar 9 2018
In RCEventReports, Create Event Report uses the club’s AUS state abbreviation for new players or if that is empty then the Setup FilterProvince.

6.8.0 Mar 4 2018
Update for https links instead of http links in RatingsCentral.
In RCEventReports, added automatic inverted commas for the Other Province.
In Pennant: Ladders, added basic black ladder formatting button.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, RC Event Summary link corrected.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, club related controls adjusted.

6.7.0 Feb 20 2018
Updated for RC API6.
In Pennant: Create Fixture, improved Simple Fixture alignment for short names.
In Pennant: Create Fixture, Simple Fixture uses the saved finals details, thus incorporating any finals manually editing that was saved in the fixture.
In Pennant: Email, restored Selection behaviour for teams.
In Events, added button to copy listed event ids to the clipboard for use in adding provinces at http://www.ratingscentral.com/UpdateEventProvinces.php.
In Events, updated layout for API6 with addition of controls for other Province field.
Updated various AUS province drop menus to prioritize use of abbreviations.
In Scorer, added buttons to clear the displayed lists.
In Pennant: Ladders, documented ladder formatting controls.

6.6.1 Feb 16 2018
In Pennant: Ladders, bug fix for printing Round by Round ladders.
In Pennant: Ladders, bug fix for team letters when printing sheets.
In Pennant: Ladders, added ladder formatting controls.

6.6.0 Feb 11 2018
In Pennant: Create Fixture, added Simple Fixture controls to generate team/players lists with a simplified fixture.
In Setup: 2 Pennant, added controls for an internal style sheet to be used with ladder html generation in the Pennant section.
In Pennant: Create Fixture, Printing with teams, phone and email uses the better page metrics to optimize the size of text.
In Pennat and Players, minor improvement to Email button actions.
In Players: PlayerEditor, Clear also clears the Player Notes field.

6.5.0 Feb 8 2018
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchData, added Direct Entries control to allow direct entry of match results like Cantor.
In Players: PlayerEditor, added a separate Email button and Bcc checkbox below the players list to email players in the list.
Added a settings file for Pennant Email for use in registration reminders. It is manually edited by locating the file in the settings folder.
Added settings file for restoring user interface in SS (and points version).
Added settings file for restoring user interface in Pennant: Tables: Tables Sheets and Season Grid.
In Pennant: improved list highlighting involving multiple lists; all player lists scroll to first letter typed after clicking in the list.
In Pennant: Players, added the ability to select multiple lines in the checked player list with standard RC button links.
In Pennant: Teams, team colouring and grade team count updates for all editing methods.
Ladder settings and PlayerLadders settings involving points in ladder renamed to emphasise points basis for setting: Standard_best_of_5 to StandardPoints_best_of_5 and Standard_best_of_7 to StandardPoints_best_of_7.
Bug fix for final point calculations as displayed in printed scoresheets.
Bug fix for match labels displayed in printed scoresheets.
Bug fix for some RC links in Players section.
Bug fix for WP player matches in which players with surnames starting with f were filtered out.

6.4.1 Jan 27 2018
In Pennant: Tables: TableSheets, enabled season printing of selected sheets in one file for a particular day of week.

6.4.0 Jan 26 2018
In Pennant: CreateFixture, added clear button to clear the finals template for grades without finals.
In Pennant: Tables: SeasonGrid, added checkbox to ignore table allocations, instead using table layouts in the fixture sequence for a date.
In Pennant: Tables: SeasonGrid, added control for font size of team names.
In Pennant: Tables: TableSheets, added checkbox to ignore table allocations, instead using table layouts in the fixture sequence for a date.
In Pennant: Tables: TableSheets, added control for font size of team names.
In Pennant: NightVenues: FixturePlanner, added control for font size of team names.
In Pennant: NightVenues: HomeNights, deleting a pair bug fix for sorting result and displaying it.
In Pennant: WP, Venue usage bug fix for cases when the screen hasn’t been previously viewed.
In Players: PlayerEditor: added ability to delete or add notes to multiple players.
In Players: PlayerEditor: added ability to filter the players lacking specified text.
In RC Links, added links to Ratings Central Example Point Changes and Information for Event Directors.

6.3.4 Jan 23 2018
In Pennant: Tables: 3 Table Sheets, added checkbox to include Grade and Round number for each match.
In Pennant: NightVenues: HomeNights, added header field with sorting by clicking on headings.
In Pennant: NightVenues: Venues, added header field with sorting by clicking on headings.
In Pennant: NightVenues: FixturePlanner, added colouring guide for nights of week.
In Pennant: NightVenues: FixturePlanner, added team night changing via option clicking teams.

6.3.3 Jan 21 2018
In Pennant: Templates: Match Templates, added button to reverse the match order.
In Pennant: Templates: Match Templates, added controls to swap player letters.
In Pennant: Templates: Fixture Templates, added controls to swap fixture numbers.
In Pennant: Teams, added auto colouring of unused teams after using any controls that edit the team list.
Pennant Tables section completed.
In Pennant: Tables: 1 Table Templates, improved highlighting of selected line for deletion.
In Pennant: Tables: 2 Cycle Table Allocations, added 0 to steps options to allow fixture ordering to be retained.
In Pennant: Tables: 3 Table Sheets, added controls to choose Cycle Table Allocations for the generation of sheets.
In Pennant: Tables: 3 Table Sheets, added option for 5 lines for each team in the generation of office sheets.
In Pennant: Tables: 4 Season Grid, added separate Date grid button.
In Pennant: Tables: 4 Season Grid, added ability to transpose the table.
In Pennant: Tables: 4 Season Grid, added further fine tuning of tab stops.
In Pennant: Tables: 4 Season Grid, added prefixing of row and column headings with tables or rounds.

6.3.2 Jan 14 2018
In Pennant: Create Fixtures, Skip dates are saved for a season-grade when added using the calendar, the paste or clear buttons.
In Pennant: Seasons, Roll over Team Lists from Selected Season to Current now copies the Teams list not just the team files containing the players.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers, Rename Team FNs has an initial dialog to ask to choose between full first names or abbreviated to 3 letters.
In SS and option clicked SS: “Official Scores” no longer appears in the top right corner when a template is chosen.
In Pennant: Tables: 4 Season Grid, adjusted tab stops depending on Use Team Names checkbox.

6.3.1 Jan 9 2018
In SS (Points): added checkbox for Notes Text.
Settings folder file: EmailPlayersList.txt replaced with EmailPlayersList1.txt to EmailPlayersList7.txt for Pennant: Email list options.
In Pennant: NightVenues: Venues, added checkbox to add Team-Venue pair on clicking on a team name.
In Events: fixed club code drop menu.

6.3.0 Jan 4 2018
Updated Info: API v4 Dec 2017 along with the v6 API which is yet to be activated in RatingsCentral.
Added 2-player best of 5 match templates to compliment best of 7 templates.
In Pennant: Email: added Export txt to export the Email surname and firstname of players for use in bulk email programs that import txt files.
In Pennant: Email: added filter out button to remove filtered grade from list.
In Pennant: Email: export Vcard and Txt both accept player list selections instead of the whole list.
In Pennant: MatchScores: added shift or option clicking on a player in the team list to copy the player to the clipboard and to add them to the team.
In Pennant: MatchScores: fixed Sheets printing to clear values from previous page when scores are followed by no scores.
In Pennant: NightVenues: HomeNights, added ability to option click to add Team-Home Night pair.
In Pennant: NightVenues: HomeNights, added checkbox to add Team-Home Night pair on clicking on a team name.
In Pennant: NightVenues: TeamHomeNights, added ability to colour non existent teams and unfixtured teams.
In Pennant: NightVenues: TeamHomeNights, prevent empty lines from being listed in some cases during editing.
In Pennant: NightVenues: VenueRoster, added saving of rosters.
In Pennant: Players: added a clear button for the RatingList.
In Pennant: Players: Clear Players no longer clears all the team lists of players.
In Pennant: Players: clicking on a player in the PlayerList finds them more smoothly in the RatingList if displayed.
In Pennant: Players: modified Rename Player to be more thorough, renaming player names in all pennant files and all event data.
In Pennant: Season: added rollover button to just do the team lists.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers: added All, Grade and Season Grade options to display all the players, all players that have been in the selected grade and just the players currently listed in the teams for that season.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers: added buttons to allow single clicking on names to add or remove them from teams.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers: added buttons to balance teams based on the player ratings.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers: modified Email to allow email to a specific player instead of the whole team.
In Pennant: Teams: clicking on a line in the bye list updates the team count for the grade.
In Pennant: WP: added check box to restrict club ratings list generation to players in current season pennant teams and pennant match history.
In Pennant: WP: added options for various set days for last player activity in the ratings list generation.
In Pennant:Players: added Players in Teams / Matches to paste player list based on team lists and any match data for the season.
In Players: Player Editor, added an ID checkbox to complement the Copy button so as to copy names and player IDs. This can be useful for collecting the players from past seasons in a particular grade, when their ID is needed as well.
In Players: Player Editor, added the player’s current RC Rating.
In Players: PlayerEditor: added AddPennantAndEventPlayers checkbox to include players from pennant and events not saved in the Info.txt file.
In Players: PlayerEditor: added InTeams checkbox to modify grade listed players based on whether they are in a team or not.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added checkbox to hide or show the controls to Create an event series.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players In Event: added ability to colour players for whom the event was their first event.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players In Event: added buttons to increase player mean by 50.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players In Event: added zeroing of all Player Unrated mean and Std deviation.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players In Event: Change clear to zeroing of selected Player Unrated mean and Std deviation and primary Club.
In SS: added club logo checkbox.

6.2.2 Aug 7 2017
Note: In Pennant: Tables: Grade offsets have not been implemented yet.
In Pennant: Tables: Delete Cycled Table Allocations functionality added.
In Pennant: Tables: Grade offsets are saved to the current season folder within the \RCPennantData\MatchDataSettings folder.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers: added buttons to format names with a space between the first name and surname when copied to the clipboard.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers: added print capabilities.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers: added Clear All Players to clear all players in all the teams in the selected grade.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers: added Clear All Grade Players to clear all players in all the teams in all the grades.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers: added scrolling to a name when a key is pressed in the Grade Players list when the Grade Players checkbox is checked.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers: added Rename Team FNs to rename a team based on the first names of players. Option clicking retains the first word in the team name.
In Pennant: NightVenues: VenueRoster, added saving of rosters.

6.2.1 Aug 1 2017
In Pennant: Tables: added field to display and select saved Cycled Table Allocations.
In Pennant: Tables: added a separate settings file for the Pennant Tables section.
In Pennant: WP: Get List of Pages, Posts, Media have empty lines filtered out.
In Pennant: WP: Get List of Pages, Posts, Media stores the full list when the “After Date” checkbox is unchecked so that checking it then filters the list according ot the chosen date.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players In Events, adjusted column widths to better display the more important data.
In Setup: 5 Director Tools, fixed Extract All.
In Setup: 5 Director Tools, fixed extraction to use the mean and std. deviation of the player at the time of the event submission rather than the currents values.

6.2.0 Jul 23 2017
In Pennant: Tables: Cycle Table Allocations added (Experimental).
Bug Fix introduced with v6; Print and Copy fixture to clipboard include player phone and email as expected.
In RCEventReports: 3 PlayersInEvent, added or updated several controls.
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchData, Replace Player in Event Report is now restricted to the player names only; it also takes account the status of the ‘Has RatingsCentral ID before name’ check box.
In Pennant: Tables: the tables templates Tables_2x8T (numbered from top or end) and Tables_2x8U (U shape) names swapped to match order.
In Pennant: MatchScores: fill ins are coloured in the player slots.
In Pennant: MatchScores: Alt or shift click the forfeiting player in the scoresheet to place the forfeits.
In Pennant: MatchScores: Clear now clears the scores in a 12th match.
In Pennant: MatchScores: PageUp and PageDown keys carry out the Next and Prev fixture button actions.
In Pennant: Ladders: PageUp and PageDown keys carry out the Prev and Next grade button actions.6.1.1 Jul 2 2017
In Setup: 5 DirectorTools: 1 Extraction; Extract Selected and Extract All both extract utf-8 negative signs correctly.6.1.0 Jun 25 2017
In Pennant: LadderSettings: GradeLadderAdjustments, added ability to save Grade Ladder Notes to be shown with grade ladders.

6.0.8 Jun 22 2017
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, Past Events clicking behaviour adjusted to expected in help section.
In Pennant: Matches, added the Swap button to exchange the Home and Away scores with alt-clicking to swap both players and scores and shift clicking to swap players only.

6.0.7 Jun 17 2017
Minor adjustments.

6.0.6 May 27 2017
In Players: Player Editor, removed option checkbox for birthdays inclusion with vCard export; instead all data included in export.

6.0.5 May 24 2017
Bug Fix in Pennant:Ladders, copy all player ladders uses the settings for the grade correctly with the No Subs checkbox set properly for each grade.

6.0.4 May 24 2017
In Players: Player Editor, Clear only clears the shown players or the selected players. They are not deleted from the full list.
In Players: Player Editor, added All Seasons and -Current checkboxes to allow more control over the grade players listed.
In Players: Player Editor, added Contacts checkboxes to only copy the player name, email and phone contacts instead of all the columns.

6.0.3 May 18 2017
In Pennant: WP, Round and Ladders updates respect latest round check box on MatchScores screen.
In Pennant: WP, ratings list pages have unicode plus/minus symbol removed to prevent breakage in json use for webpage.
In Players: Player Editor, added link to RatingsCentral for selected player matches list.
In Players: Player Editor, option clicking paste reformats birthdates from AUS format D/M/YYYY to YYYY-MM-DD including adding 0s for one digit parts.
In RCEventReports: 3 Players in Events, Added replaceMode button to control whether emails and birthdates replace any previous birthdates with those in the Players:PlayerEditor section or simply adds them if they are missing.

6.0.2 May 13 2017
In Players: Player Editor, added auto Title case to text added via the paste button to the address fields.

6.0.1 May 12 2017
In Players: Player Editor, added field for a registration number.

6.0.0 May 10 2017
In Players: Player Editor, replaced separate text files for birthdates, emails and phones with one Info file to include address info.
In Players: Player Editor, added filtering for pennant grades in the current pennant season.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, Create Event Series adjusted so that the date in the Calendar is the date of the first round requested (not round 1)
In Pennant: WP, altered Update Fixture Pages to include finals.
In Pennant: Ladder Settings, included option for rubbers won to compliment singles won.
Bug Fix in Pennant: Ladder Settings, allowing multiple grade ladder adjustments to apply to one grade ladder.
In Pennant: Ladder Settings, apply grade ladder adjustments to round by round ladder total points.

5.8.2 Apr 23 2017
In Players: Player Editor, added Button to reformat pasted name from FN SN to SN, FN.
In Pennant: Ladder Settings, added grade ladder adjustments to apply to grade ladders.

5.8.1 Apr 16 2017
Added API v4 to Info section.
In Pennant: Fixtures, copied fixtures use a smaller font size if “Finals” is in the table, in order to better display the html when posting to a webpage using the Pennant: WP section.
In Pennant:MatchScores, improved the score colouring logic.
In Setup, updated directors section to use CSV output from RC where possible.

5.8.0 Apr 8 2017
In Pennant:MatchScores, pdf printing fixed for all options.
In Pennant:MatchScores, all text in first scoring cell highlighted instead of text cursor being at beginning of cell.
In Pennant:LadderSettings, added new Ladder Grade Team Exclusions setting to allow teams to be removed from ladders such as when a team is disqualified or disbanded.
In Pennant:Ladders, Leading Players uses No Subs settings as expected; WP controls for Leading players use html as expected.

5.7.2 Apr 7 2017
In Pennant:Ladders, ladder checkbox settings taken into account for all buttons that copy or print any player or grade ladders.
In Pennant:Ladders, added checkbox to copy all grade and player ladders.
In Pennant:Ladders, Copy Leading players takes into account the highlight of the Use Html checkbox.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers, selecting a player in a team highlights the player in the Player list.
In Pennant: EnterMatchScores, improved Previous and Next Grade buttons.
For Pennant Grade button label, fixed bug related to RCEventReports with added auto checkboxes for adding Pennant data for grade and round.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, fixed event name field so that certain characters can be entered again such as “&”.
In Players, sorting by dates fixed.
In Players: Event History, find by enter key in find field fixed.
In Setup: Director Tools, Extract All fixed to avoid an empty dat file creation for an empty last line.

5.7.1 Mar 19 2017
In Setup: Main Setup, added progress scrollbar for importing RClists.
In Setup: Pennant, the scoresheet club logo image shows on opening.
In Setup: Pennant, any association website and facebook link fields for footer placement in pennant ladder printing.
In Pennant, improved printing metrics for grade and player ladders.
In Pennant, added date to pennant ladder printing.
In Pennant, added association website and facebook link in footer in pennant ladder printing.

5.7.0 Mar 15 2017
In Pennant: WP: Media adjusted to allow multiple pdf viewing, deleting and uploading by multiple selections in lists.
In Setup: 2 Pennant, added image to view the linked image for scoresheets.
In Setup: 5 Director Tools, moved director controls from RCEventReports:1 Events to Director Tools.
In Setup: 5 Director Tools, major enhancement of Director Tools.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added 6 more quick grade filter buttons with checkbox to control their visibility.

5.6.0 Mar 12 2017
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added auto checkboxes for adding Pennant data for grade and round.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, fixed Place RC EventID for Event Name for recent url format change.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, fixed Extract Event from RC EventID for recent url format change.
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchdata, added button for adding Pennant data for grade and round.
In RCEventReports: 2 EventMatchdata, Copy refined to include copying of just a selected name for the purpose of using it in the find field.
In Players: PennantRounds, added Combine Grades to remove the grades and merge players round counts if playing in more than 1 grade.
In Pennant: WP: Pages, added WP filtering by after date.
In Pennant: WP: Link Pages, added PlayerMatches Links controls.
In Pennant: WP: Media added to allow uploading of files to WordPress.
In Pennant: WP: added button to update hyperlinked ratings to a WordPress webpage.
In Pennant: Email, saved files are now in the Settings folder instead of the EmailExports folder.

5.5.2  Mar 3 2017
In Pennant: WP: Main Pages, add button to update 3 results and ladders main pages.
In Pennant: WP: Main Posts, add button to update 3 results and ladders main pages.
In Pennant: WP: fixed sorting by clicking in headers.
In Pennant: WP: fixed WordPress actions for Season results and ladders.
In RV, update to take account of a minor html change.

5.5.1  Feb 28 2017
In Players: PennantRounds; added filter for players playing 4 or more times.
In Pennant: Email, added ability to save and relist the removal list of players and the email list of players.
In Pennant: Players: PennantHistory, added ability to use Multiple Seasons.
In Pennant: Players: PennantRounds, added ability to use Multiple Seasons.
In Pennant: Players: PennantRounds, added filtering for and filtering out of selected grades.
In Pennant: Players: PennantRounds, added filtering for minimum rounds played.
In Pennant: Players: use of arrowkey for all lists.

5.5.0  Feb 26 2017
In Pennant: Venues; fixed Rename Venues button.
In Pennant: Venues; added Venue Roster.
Help relayered to top for RatingList, Clublist and Scorer.

5.4.0  Feb 25 2017
In RCEventReports, Create Event Report properly formats strings with spaces (by adding quotes) in address and province fields.
In RV, updated tools so bulk collection of results works again.
In Pennant: Templates, added analysis tools and manipulation tools for fixture templates.
In Pennant: NightVenues, added FixturePlanner for use in future seasons with multiple venues.
In Pennant: Teams and TeamPlayers, added check box to allow dragging to order teams and players.
In Pennant: NightVenues: HomeNights, sorting using the checkbox is honoured for all actions.
In Pennant: WP, the various clear page buttons now place a space in the page to clear the page.
In Pennant: WP, the previously designed posting links have been replaced with page links. (WP plugins can display a page in a post, i.e. ability to display a page in a sticky post.)
In Pennant: Email, added ability to paste list of teams in matches that hadn’t submitted scores for current round.
In Pennant: Email, added checkbox to add text to captains reminding then to submit scores.
Bug fix: The WebPost Event Report post headers weren’t being cleared from WordPress posting.
In Pennant: Templates, the fixture template for 18 teams was corrected (teams 17 and 18 were missing the “1” in 4 places).

5.3.0  Feb 13 2017
In Pennant: TeamPlayers, the clipboard icon that copies the player list now takes into account the GradePlayers checkbox.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added eraser button to clear the grade filter for Past Events, which is the same as selecting empty for the grade.
In Pennant: Email, added automatic sorting of the players list for email.
In Pennant: Fixtures, added Transfer to Pennant Email to place selected teams from the fixture in the Email section for emailing captains of teams missing scores (by manual selection of fixture text).
In Pennant: TeamPlayers, added Bcc checkboxes for email.
In Players: PlayerEditor, new export of vCard to PennantData folder for use in importing into iCloud Contacts.
In Players: PlayerEditor, first empty line no longer occurs
In Players: PlayerEditor, added email button for selected player.
In Players: PlayerEditor, added Option clicking Copy List separates the player name into first name and surname with a tab between them, making it useful for pasting into excel for other uses.

5.2.3  Feb 5 2017
In Pennant: Fixtures, added No Scores checkbox to prevent scores being placed in fixtures.
In Pennant: Fixtures, added Next Week checkbox.
In Pennant: WP, added links for Latest Teams Ladders Post.
In Pennant: WP, added links for Next Weeks Fixtures Post.

5.2.2  Feb 5 2017
In Pennant: WP, Update R&LadderPages updates properly for individual and multiple grades.
In Pennant: WP, PostLatestResults tab changed to PostLinks to include LeadingPlayers links.
In Pennant: WP, added links for Leading Players Post.
In Pennant: WP, regression fix: Pages and Post lists now replace escaped slashes with just slashes.
In Pennant: Fixtures, Latest results returns the fixture for the current week from Mon to Sun.

5.2.1  Feb 3 2017
In Pennant: Templates, bug fix to list templates and player ladder settings as expected.
In Pennant: Fixtures, the Latest checkbox restricts matches to a list the matches from Monday of the week to Sunday of the week.
In Pennant: WP, Clear Latest Results does so.

5.2.0  Feb 1 2017
Bug Fix preventing WordPress interaction in recent builds.
Added Pennant: Email to email players in selected teams for multiple grades and seasons.
Reorganised Match, Fixture and Finals Templates into Pennant: Templates.
In Pennant: Ladders settings replaced option buttons with tab control for different settings.
In Pennant: Fixtures, added checkbox for including the season heading when copying the fixture.

5.1.1  Jan 28 2017
Bug Fix In Pennant: TeamPlayers, the find controls now work with the GradePlayers checkbox checked.
In Pennant: TeamPlayers, added copy to the clipboard button for the Grade Player list.
Bug Fix In Ranks Lookup, for the club drop menu and the clear buttons.
In Setup, added the Pennant settings tab for setting the Association nickname for use in printing Scoresheets.
In Pennant:MatchScores and Tables, scoresheet printouts both include a points based score sheet for grades which use a player ladder setting i.e. points.
In Pennant:MatchScores and Tables, alt click the Scoresheet printers to populate players into scoresheets for yet to be played fixtures.
In SS, alt click PlacePennantMatch to populate players into scoresheets for a yet to be played fixture.
For SS (ScoreSheets printing) added alt-click the top SS button to access the points based screen for grades which use a player ladder setting i.e. points.
In Players: PlayerEditor, ReLoad All Player Data now includes new players added to the players list for the selected season, making it easier to add other relevant data for the players once a new player is added to the season.
In Pennant: Players, added a paste button for the New Player Field to allow pasting a name from another source. The FN SN to SN, FN button reformats names pasted in the FirstName Surname format.
In Pennant: Tables, the tables allocations and layout lists are updated on changed the views from Templates to Sheets.
In Pennant: Tables, increased maximum number of tables across to 6.

5.1.0  Jan 27 2017
For Pennant: added scoresheet printouts from the MatchScores and Tables screens.
Related to Pennant: added SS screen for scoresheet printouts.
Bug Fix: In  Pennant:Tables, Create Fixtures now uses double digits for day numbers  less than 10 for compatibility with table allocations.
Bug Fix: In Pennant:Tables, Table Allocations listed on opening the screen.
In Pennant:Tables, Saving Table Allocations use the Selected  TableLayout field for the Table Allocations name only if the Selected  Table Allocation field is empty.

5.0.1  Jan 24 2016
In RCEventReports:2 EventMatchData, added W-L and XScores buttons.
In Pennant:WP (WordPress) added buttons to place html for All Grade Team listings, All Team Fixtures and Venue Usage.
In Pennant:WP (WordPress), fixed cancelling in the dialog used by Get List Pages or Posts.
In Pennant:WP (WordPress), fixed return key based find in find field in 6 PostLatestResults.
In Pennant:WP (WordPress), added Paste from Clipboard for content fields.
In the Country drop menu made correction for CIV_Côte d’Ivoire.
In RatingList, controls added or updated to match RC website for PlayerSearch.
Updated parameters for links to RC website: PlayerList.php, EventList.php, ClubList.php and FirstEvent.php.

5.0.0  Dec 20 2016
In Setup, separated settings into 4 tab sections.
In Pennant:WP (WordPress) added settings to upload fixtures, matches and ladders to a WordPress 4.7 site running a plugin for an Oauth 2 server.
In Pennant:Tables, added table allocation with teams and office sheet printouts.
In Pennant:TeamPlayers, added Email Grade Players and Email (Team Players) via the user default mail program.
In Pennant:HomeNights, added button to colour unpaired teams.
In Pennant:HomeNights, sorting by homenight checkbox taken into account on opening screen.
In Pennant:MatchScores, R&Ladders with +1R includes the finals if the last round of the season is selected.
More consistent highlighting of dates in the three calendars.

4.4.2  Dec 4 2016
In Pennant:MatchScores, added clear buttons for each row of scores.
In Pennant:TeamPlayers, added SN tab FN checkbox to replace a comma and space with a tab in player names copied to the clipboard.
In Setup, the Country drop menu is filterable by first letter; resets with space or enter.
In Setup, if the Country is left blank, the country will be defaulted to AUS with Victoria as the Province.
Added icons for some buttons.

4.4.1  Nov 20 2016
Bug Fix: In Pennant: Ladder Settings, the Forfeit Settings will show on clicking the option button for them.
Bug Fix: In RCEventReports, Create Event Report uses the Country and Club’s Province from the Event screen (was referring to the setup screen).
In Setup, added apply buttons (left triangle icons) to apply the country or province; the province buttons with automatically apply the country.
In RCEventReports:3 Players in Event, added buttons for clearing some player fields.
In RCEventReports:2 EventMatchData, added Line1 button to delete the first line such as a header.
In RCEventReports:2 EventMatchData, filtering to remove forfeits removes lines with “forfeit” in it.
In RanksLookup, replaced Clear buttons with eraser icons.
Added some Save icons to buttons.

4.4.0  Nov 19 2016
In Pennant:Ladders, added saving of ladder display settings for individual grades.
In Pennant:LadderSettings, added clear and copy buttons related to the rename and add fields.
In Pennant, added folder links for convenience for finals templates, fixture templates, match templates, forefeit settings, ladder settings and player ladder settings.
Added RatingsCentral home link to RC Links menu.

4.3.4  Nov 18 2016
Bug Fix: In RCEventReports, Create Event Report uses the Country and Province from the Setup screen (was just using Victoria and AUS).
Bug Fix: In RCEventReports:Events, the Club drop menu is properly populated using the chosen province in the Setup screen.
In RCEventReports, added settings button for controlling the text in the Event UnRated Mean drop down menu.
In RCEventReports, Skip dates controls added to improve ease of transferring dates with the Pennant:CreateFixture skip dates.
In RCEventReports, Create Event Series has been increased up to 4 rounds for Finals (QF,SF,PF,GF).
In Pennant:CreateFixture, Grade Teams, Fixture Templates and Finals Templates fields are locked properly.

4.3.3  Nov 15 2016
In RCEventReports, added automatic saving and restoring of checkbox settings.
In RCEventReports, Create Event Report now has a checkbox to restrict name matching to the Country, thereby avoiding matching with player names in other countries.
In RCEventReports, Lookup (Player Unrated Means) can use a Priors.txt file manually placed in the RCPennantData\PlayerData folder to place the rating (for new players with negative ID).
In RCEventReports, All (Player Unrated Means) can use a Priors.txt file manually placed in the RCPennantData\PlayerData folder to set all the player ratings if they don’t already have one (for new players with negative ID).

4.3.2  Nov 13 2016
In Pennant, grade selection is maintained throughout.

4.3.1  Nov 1 2016
Help text in RCEventsReports, Pennant and Players is specific to the selected screen tab.
In Pennant: MatchScores, Auto 2 and Auto 3 replaced with Auto, taking account of the MatchTemplate.
In Pennant: MatchScores, typing a letter in the subs menus filters for names beginning with that letter. Space or return or enter will restore the menu.
In Pennant: MatchScores, substitute players are temporarily added to the Home and Away players list when choosing a player from the subs menus.
In Pennant: MatchScores, Alt clicking a player in the Home and Away players list temporarily removes them.
In Pennant: MatchScores, on clicking on a player team slot, the player will be temporarily added to the Home team or Away team list.

4.3.0  Oct 31 2016
In Pennant: Team Players, added GradePlayers checkbox to list players who have played in the selected grade previously.
In Players: Name Editor, added Replace Player In All Pennant Data button since the name replacement in Pennant: Players only acts on the selected season.

4.2.7  Oct 8 2016
In Pennant: Team Players, added checkboxes to include player emails and phone numbers to team lists copied to the clipboard.

4.2.6  Oct 4 2016
In Players: PlayerEditor, fixed initial display to list all data.
In Pennant: Fixtures, added Scores only and Latest (Last week) to filter fixtures.

4.2.5  Sep 27 2016
Added 2 settings files to the RCPennantData\Settings folder: EventQuickGradeButtonSettings.txt and EventFilterSettings.txt for use in RCEventReports: 1 Events.
In Pennant: Create Fixture, added Copy and Paste buttons for SkipDates.
In Pennant: Create Fixture, modified Copy Fixture to Clipboard to exclude teams that start with “Bye” when With Teams is checked.
In RatingList, replaced Checkboxes for linking to RatingsCentral with buttons to click to view selected player events, info and to edit them.
In RatingList, added various copying buttons for useful player lists.
In ClubList, added filtering.
In Setup, Bug Fix so Show Users shows the information.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added RC Event, RC EventSummary and RC EventDetailed link buttons for the event to RatingsCentral.
In RCEventReports: 1 Events, added button to Redo the Past Event Filter based on buttons selected.
Added buttons to clear find text everywhere.
In Pennant, in several sections, added buttons to copy or clear the selected value from a list for renaming and adding new values.
In Pennant: Fixtures, added day checkboxes to filter for days of the week.

4.2.4  Aug 13 2016
Bug fix -Pennant ladders display points for byes according to ladder settings.
Removed display of zeros for unplayed rounds in Pennant Grade Ladders.

4.2.3  Aug 9 2016
Added Delete Selected Files from Dropbox to Scorer.
Added links for directors to RC Links menu.
Bug fix -match template, fixture template and finals (template) not editable.
Bug fix -Find button in Pennant:Team Players not highlighting.
Added SF and GF round buttons to Pennant:MatchScores.

4.2.2  Jun 28 2016
Bug fix related to the file path for Directors folders.
Bug fix related to ladder points for round by round when ladders use a special point system.
Added checkboxes for naming options when extracting events using DirectorFolders.

4.2.1  Jun 19 2016
Bug fix in the Player section relating to the display of event match data that was saved with the player id included.
Bug fix in the Player section relating to date sorting of Event History.
Added Ignore Grade checkbox to PennantRounds section of Players so that all round played by a player across more than grade are combined as one.
RatingList speed improvements for listing players with no province; with club not within the country; all 4 types of doubles in shown list.
Several bug fixes related to sorting and display of match data in the Players section.
Added to the RatingList section the ability to list players using the find  text for the full rating list without having to show the list.

4.2.0 Jun 17 2016
Bug fix: RCEventReports:2 EventMatchData CreateEventReport deals with negative player IDs better: matching the player name by working up from the club to the state to the province to the full ratinglist.
In Pennant:MatchScores, changing the fixture, for matches with a match templates with 5 or less matches, places the two singles players and clears the third singles slot.
Bug Fix: Setup Filter Lists now works for countries other than AUS.
Speed improvements for changing the country, province or club.
Added Club 0 button to RCEventReports:1 Events.
Selecting Any as the club code on ClubList screen now lists all clubs.

4.1.0 Jun 15 2016
Faster player name matching for events.
Improved Ratings page.
Bug fix: RCEventReports:2 EventMatchData CreateEvent uses correct RC player ID; previously some low value IDs matched postcodes by simple filtering when using Create Event Report and a 4 digit player ID.
Bug fix: Pennant:Fixtures and Pennant:MatchScores Calculate uses the final points to determine the winner not just matches, games and game points won.
Bug fix: RCEventReports:2 CreateEventReport places N for deceased by default.

4.0.5 Jun 8 2016
Rating Lists use unicode UTF-8 automatically.
Bug fix: Pennant:Add Teams to Grade so all new teams are added from the clipboard, not just the first one.
RCEventReports:3 Players in Events: Find Surname in RC now sorts players by name.

4.0.4 May 24 2016
Bug fix: In Setup: Import Dat Files; unicode UTF-8 characters retained in event txt files.
Bug fix: In Setup:Use Director Folders checkbox; improved operation when no dorector folder selected.

4.0.3 May 23 2016
Bug fix: In Pennant: Enter Match Scores; 12th match now uses the selection side buttons and player name selection.
In Pennant: Enter Match Scores, the Subs drop menus behave similarly to the player lists when clicked by moving the selection to the next slot for the team.
Some relayering so the Help field is always fully shown without any new objects obscuring it.

4.0.2 May 21 2016
Bug fix: In RCEventReports:2 Event Match Data, Create Event Report includes N for deceased fields for new players.
Bug fix: In RCEventReports:1 Events, clicking on the calendar fills in the past event details correctly again.
Bug fix: In Pennant:MatchScores, R&Ladders to included round summary properly again.
RCEventReports email updated for UTF-8.
Use DirectorFolders shows the ExtractEvent from RC button in RCEventReports: 1 Events.

4.0.1 May 20 2016
When using DirectorFolders from Setup screen, the PastEvent subfolder drop menu just shows the director folder name and hides the UseEventsSubfolders in RCEventReports: 1 Events.
The Reload button for DirectorFolders was removed since the Refresh button does the same job.
Added Clear buttons to fields lacking them in Ranks Lookup.

4.0.0 May 17 2016
Added ability for directors to easily import .dat files from retired directors and manage the events.
RCEventReports: Event Match Data now places RCplayer ID with player name form past events to avoid name matching and possible duplicates in country.
Moved RatingsCentralLists folder to the main program folder, out of the RCPennantData folder so it is not duplicated when using multiple directors.
Updated for RatingsCentral API v4.
Added Deceased column to RatingList.
Added new parameters to Ranks Lookup.
Added CSV output option to Ranks Lookup.
Added MultiPlayerSearch menu item to RC Links menu.
Calendars and Past Events use YYYY-MM-DD instead of m/d/yyyy
Players:Pennant History now filters for the grade so that it is possible to list matches for separate grades when a player plays in 2 different grades in the one season.
Bug Fix: Fixture for 9 to 18 teams are now created properly.
Added standard fixtures for 14,16,18 teams.
Added Only Finals check box to Pennant:Fixtures to only show finals.
Added GradePrefix check box to Pennant:CreateFixtures to prefix the fixtures with the grade.
Added Keep Date and Home Night option buttons to Pennant:CreateFixtures for use with Create Fixture and Activate Finals (week 1).
Added ReSet Finals to Pennant:CreateFixtures to recreate the initial Finals fixture while leaving the rest of the fixture untouched, thus retaining any manual alterations of the fixture that would be lost if Create Fixture was used instead.
Changed Update Finals in Pennant:CreateFixtures to only update results in finals rounds after week 1 of finals, requiring Activate Finals to do week 1.
Update Finals in Pennant:CreateFixtures only adjusts dates to home nights, when set to do so, for matches needing updating.
Copy Fixture to Clipboard in Pennant: Fixtures now copies just the selected lines of the fixture if a selection is made.
Added a field to show the number of teams in a selected grade to Pennant:CreateFixture and Pennant:Teams.
Added Leading players button to Pennant:Ladders to copy the top two players from the player ladder as leading player and runner up.
Added <th> tags for headings in grade and player ladder html copied to clipboard to allow wordpress table sort plugin to add sorting to the table.
Added faint colouring to screen backgrounds to match screen navigation button colour and tab edge colours.
Added Pennant History to Players screen to enable listing of matches for a player in a selected season.
Made adjustment to the width of the round column for better printing in Pennant:Create Fixture – Print Fixture.
Made adjustment to the size of text for better printing in Pennant:Fixtures – Print Fixture Scores and for Copy Fixture to Clipboard.
In Players: RCHistory the Copy RatingList To Clipboard for WebPage button now includes a link to the players event list as well as a link to their full match list.
Added Club Count field and Copy buttons for the Filtered Club List on the ClubList screen.
Added normal Copy button to RatingList screen.
Added some useful links to the RC Links drop menu button, including SubmitEvent.
Save User Settings now stores the Club on RCEventReports:Events. Place User Settings restores the club there and in the RatingList screen.
Added Round button checkbox to include “Rnd” with grade or round when filtering past events in RCEventReports: Events.
Clicking on a date in RCEventReports now keeps the sort order for PastEvents.
Added Delete to Pennant:MatchScores to delete the text file for the match. Saving a scoreless match results in 0-0-0 v 0-0-0 in ladders i.e. draws.
Added alt-clicking to toggle past events in RCEventReports: Events as marked as having been submitted or not.
Added alt-shift-clicking to mark the shown past events in RCEventReports: Events as not having been submitted.
In Ranks Lookup the enter key or return key in any fields launches the browser for the search.
Added Include Ratings checkboxes to Pennant: TeamPlayers to include player and team ratings with grade and team player lists copied to the clipboard.
Added buttons for rapid editing in RCEventReports:3 Players in Events including saving all provinces.
Added leading Players Ladders check box for all grades.

3.5.4 Mar 6 2016
Added AllRound checkbox in Pennant: MatchScores to include all matches in a round for a grade when copying match data to an Event.
Added PointsAverage checkbox for player ladders which use points.
Added a http log to Setup in case zip doesn’t download directly to identify the causes.
Increased time from 10 seconds to 30 seconds for socket to be open for RClists download; slow connection resulted in error during downloading.
Checked that submitting an event with no players deletes the event.

3.5.3 Feb 23 2016
Added ability to select multiple contiguous lines in RatingList so that players with the same name can be selected and their information copied to the clipboard.
Added CopySelection (to Clipboard) in RatingList.
Round & Ladders in Pennant: MatchScores now lists the full fixture when All is chosen as the round.
Match Templates ending in “bestof5” or “bestof7” in Pennant: MatchScores now auto select the matching number of games as “5” or “7”.
Added +1R for Round & Ladders in Pennant: MatchScores so that it lists the fixture for the next round as well as the scores for the selected round.
Added use of underscore text entry “_” to season, match template, fixture template, finals template and ladder settings names.
CurrentUsers in Setup no longer lists multiple entries for the same user.
Improved html heading format when copying match data in Pennant: MatchScores.
Improved sorting of round by round team ladders in Pennant: Ladders.
Improved round by round player ladder column widths in Pennant: Ladders.
Improved Grade round by round ladders in Pennant: Ladders to take account of check boxes for columns.
Added Quit button to top right of screen.

3.5.2 Feb 17 2016
Bug fix: Folder icons on MacOS now correctly open folders in the finder.

3.5.1 Feb 16 2016
Added Grade check boxes for controlling which columns are shown in the Grade ladders in Pennant: Ladders.
Added saving of general Ladder check box settings (LadderCheckBoxSettings) to RCPennantData: Settings folder.
Added Html check boxes to Pennant: MatchScores and Ladders for copying html of scores and ladders to the clipboard.
Added Html check boxes to Pennant: Create Fixture and Fixtures for copying html when copying to the clipboard.
Added Encoded check box to Pennant: MatchScores for pasting url encoded text from emails sent by RCPennantScorer to enable preservation of tabs that can be lost in some email programs which automatically convert them to spaces or non-breaking spaces.
Improved new player listing in Scan for New Players in Scorer when importing match scores from dropbox so it includes doubles players.
Added automatic placement of a saved dropbox code when opening the Scorer screen.

3.5.0 Feb 11 2016
Added filter to only list MatchData files when using List Dropbox Files in Scorer.
In Pennant:MatchScores, Paste Match Data now handles pastes of scores sheets from email better; needed since email programs often replace tabs with variable spaces.

3.4.9 Feb 10 2016
Tweaked the code for entering scores for 7 game matches in MatchScores so it works as expected.

3.4.8 Feb 8 2016
Added logging check box to RCEventReports;4 Event Reports to turn on or off logging of internet connections during Webpost and Direct Email.
Bug fix in RCEventReports;4 Event Reports email sent using the users default email app (if there is one).

3.4.7 Feb 2 2016
Added settings for forfeits in Pennant: LadderSettings.
Player rating lookups based on name just check with club and state lists to avoid finding players of same name at country or world level which can happen for new players who are yet to be in a submitted event.

3.4.6 Feb 2 2016
Added ability to include Player phone numbers and emails in Fixture outputs in Pennant: Create Fixture.

3.4.5 Feb 2 2016
Added the option in the Setup section to send email via the user’s default mail application rather than via the built in mail.

3.4.4 Jan 31 2016
Added the RCHistory section (which lists all the club players and their playing history) to the Players section.
Added to the Players section the generation of club player rating list as html for pasting into webpages with player links to their full playing history in Ratings Central.
Added to Pennant:MatchScores the saving of user name, date and time when scores are saved.
Added some error indication to the dialog that occurs if connection to dropbox doesn’t work.
The error message is copied to the clipboard so it can be emailed for reporting.

3.4.3 Jan 26 2016 coming soon
Added RCPennantDataPath paste button to Setup.
Added Copy All Grade Players To Clipboard button to Pennant: Team Players.
All text fonts changed to Tahoma in preparation for producing a MacOS version.
Bug fix in html for ladder widths when using Copying to Clipboard (Alt-click) as html in Pennant: Ladders and MatchScores.

3.4.2 Jan 21 2016
Added ability to paste in results to Pennant: MatchScores. This is to enable email data from RCPennantScorer to be pasted in.
Bug Fix in Pennant: MatchScores to prevent clearing of scores when changing players.

3.4.1 Jan 21 2016
Addition of LadderSettings to the dropbox upload in the Scorer section to allow RCPennantScorer to calculate match points for match results.

3.4.0 Jan 20 2016
Overhauled the Pennant:Ladders to enable all features including copying of html text and printing of round by round ladders, adding check box to include finals and to display round by round points.
Improved Players section including faster speed in displaying player match history, addition of copying and printing and sorting options.
Improved Pennant: MatchScores printing with a better gap in the ladders and smaller blue headings without vertically distortion.
Fixed display of players in saved matches in Pennant:MatchScores.

3.3.2 Jan 13 2016
Removed underscore from allowed characters for team names (since _ is used internally as a delimiter in the fixture-ladder processing;
list is now: a-zA-Z0-9- .,’
Added to Pennant: Team the inclusion of the grade name in the name of a bye via 4 new buttons to increase the options while avoiding adding Byes to the actual Team list.
Added to Pennant: Players ability to paste in a team of player names in everyday format with buttons to reorganise the pasted names into the required format, along with button to check that the names are in the list.
Improved all the Copy to Clipboard buttons with a thick border that indicates option clicking for html output in Pennant: MatchScores and Ladders.
Altered sorting of grades to sort grades with numbers in their title to be before those grades without numbers in them.

3.3.1 Jan 10 2016
Added ability to Pennant: MatchScores to select individual players by clicking on them or to clear them by double clicking them.
Choosing players in Pennant: MatchScores now automatically moves the next insertion to the next player position. e.g. A to B to C etc.
Added capability for 12th match to Pennant: MatchScores.
Improved Club lists by filtering Country rather than State list since some players lack state field entry.
Creating Event in RCEventReports now clears previous MatchData.
Event fields are now coloured for invalid data in response to cut and paste in RCEventReports.
Changed the label of Close to Close Importer in RCEventReports: EventMatchData.
Importer file list now refreshes automatically on opening and closing screen to Importer in RCEventReports: EventMatchData.

3.3.0 Jan 9 2016
Added ability to use RatingCentral ids (along with names) in imported match data in RCEventReports: EventMatchData (specialised for Insports imports).
Removed saving of RatingsLists as .txt files to the RatingsCentralLists and replaced it with storing All, Country, State and club rating lists in memory to provide faster player search possibilities.
Tightened up some of the filtering in RCEventReports: EventMatchData.
Added better options for player name matching searches in the Pennant: Players.
Create Event report uses the Country rating list for name matching.
Added to the Pennant: Players In Events the Find Surname in RC rating lists with the option of using All, Country or State rating lists. This provides full confidence that duplicates ar being avoided when adding new players via event reports.
Added arrow key usage up and down Pennant: Players In Events lists to more rapidly show the player data and to list players with the same surname Find Surname in RC is checked.
Added info fields to the ClubList to make it easier to view club information.
Added the Players section (next to Scorer in the top menu bar) to list all events that a player has participated in with all their results and to enable replacement of player names in all stored event match data for cases in which a player has changed their preferred name.

3.2.3 Jan 4 2016
Added Pennant Setting in Pennant: Seasons for avoiding having to option click to avoid warning dialogs involved in deletions.

3.2.2 Jan 3 2016
Added Recheck Current Users to Setup for manually checking users accessing a common data folder such as on OneDrive.
First time users have the RCPennantData default to inside the programs folder, so that they are no longer prompted on first use, if the folder is in fact installed there.

3.2.1 Jan 3 2016
Added Setup field to show Current Users. This is for multiple users sharing the same RCPennantData folder.

3.2.0 Jan 2 2016
Moved data folders to RCPennantData to allow relocating of data, especially for online use.
Overhaul of the Pennant section Delete, Rename, Add and Clipboard functionality.
Added warnings for deletion to the Pennant section which can be skipped via option clicking on the delete buttons.
Added restrictions in Pennant to season, grade and team text entry to a-zA-Z0-9_- .,’ with 20 characters for season and grade and 30 characters for team names.
Added restrictions in Pennant player name text entry to a-zA-Z0-9_- .,’ and limited to 40 characters (RC limit is also 40 characters).
Added restrictions in the Event fields with text colouring to indicate invalid entry.
Added Renaming of player names in all match data for a season to the Pennant: Players section.
Added Ratings for teams and team players to the Pennant:Team players section.
Improved the operation of the Smart Tab setting in Pennant: Match Scores so completed match scores data are not changed on tabbing.
Added controls for the player ladders in Pennant: Ladders.
Added sorting by clicking headings for the grade and player ladders in Pennant: Ladders.
Added round identification (eg. GF1) from final templates in Pennant: fixtures.
Added saving of each grade’s fixture settings so fixtures can be recreated quickly.
Added Version History to the Info Version Check section.
Improved printing of All Team fixtures in Pennant: Fixtures.

3.1.0 Dec 22 2015
Added Text file import controls in RCEventReports: EventMatchData to allow the rapid addition of match scores from text files organised in one level of subfolders within any chosen folder.
Added Refresh button to RCEventReports: Events to regenerate the EventsFolder drop down menu after manual adding a folder in the operating system.
Added Find to Pennant: Players.
Added Searching for Surnames only in Pennant: Players to checking for players in RatingCentral.
Added colouring of Players listed in RatingCentral that have a different first name (found by searching for Surname only) to that in the Player List in Pennant: Players. This helps identify aliases that may have been used in RatingsCentral – players with different versions of their first name.
Added sorting of player ladders by ranking for printing and copying to the clipboard.
Added setting of 0 or 1 decimal places for pecentages in ladders.
Added option to include team names of players in Player ladders in Pennant: Ladders.
Added option-clicking of various Copy ….. to Clipboard (with thicker border) in Pennant to put the data in a table form as html for easy pasting into a website as html.
Improved Pennant: MatchScores screen redraw and added darker shading for doubles matches.
Bug fix in Pennant:Ladders in which PF and PA were empty for a Bye in first round.
Bug fix in Pennant:MatchScores in which second doubles player has space before name in top section where the players are choosen for the matches.
Bug fix in standalone due to the lack of certain values in the initial Settings file: PennantSettings.txt.
Bug fix in ResultsVault Grade extractor due to change in html code recently.

3.0.0 Dec 17 2015
Added the Scorer screen for the interchange of files to a dropbox app folder for RCPennantScorer.
In order to allow more season specific operation of the Pennant section, reorganised several MatchDataSettings files (Teams, TeamHomeNights, Players, GradeMatchTemplates, GradesLadderSettings, GradesPlayerLadderSettings, FixtureSkipDates) by moving them into Season folders from the MatchDataSettings folder.
Moved the Seasons and Venues .txt files into the GeneralSettings folder.
Bug fix in Pennant:MatchScores: UpTo option button now working.
Bug fix in Pennant:MatchScores: Print output reduced in size slightly to accomodate best of 7 games matches.
Bug fix in Pennant:MatchScores: Print now is restricted to Finals when Finals is chosen along with Round.
Pennant:MatchScores:Print Round Summary and Ladders changed to an option button that both the Print button and Copy Match Data to Clipboard both use.
Removed option buttons used to select the number of players for Pennant:MatchScores: Print in order to calculate the number of matches to place per page; instead using the number of matches in the match template.
Added Pennant:MatchScores:Reverse check box so that the match data can be produced with the most recent rounds first in the output for printing or copying.
Pennant:MatchScores:Copy Match Data to Clipboard now uses the printing options to allow copying of the round matches or all the matches up to a round.

2.7.6 Nov 30 2015
Bug fix in ResultsVault match listing for a selected grade due to changes in RV html.

2.7.5 Nov 21 2015
Bug fix in ResultsVault season listing due to changes in RV html.
Added version number to top menu bar with link to this webpage for checking latest update information.

2.7.4 Oct 28 2015
Added directions in Setup for manually downloading the RatingsCentral lists RC_Lists.zip file and added a new button to extract the lists from that zip file. This is needed if there is any sort of problem using Import RatingList and ClubList.
Added instuctions to Help and the Manual for removing a player quickly from an Event Report using Custom remove line in RCEventReports: Event Match Data.
Minor resizing of some controls for FullScreen mode so names of all controls are fully displayed.

2.7.3 Oct 18 2015
Bug Fix in RCEventReports: EventMatchData to correctly remove players with names beginning with “Substitute”

2.7.2 Oct 11 2015
Bug Fix in Pennant: MatchScores to restrict score entries to <100 and to prevent F for forfeit being entered more than once in one score cell.
Bug Fix in Pennant: MatchScores to properly calculate forfeits to include full matches, games and points to opponent.
Bug Fix in Pennant: Ladders for Bye points.
Bug Fix in Pennant: Ladders to correctly show 0% for zero wins and zero losses.
Added FromCal check box in Pennant: CreatFixture for adding skip dates from the calendar.
Added undocumented import button in ResultsVault Bulk Tools to save all the matchdata for a grade into the Match Data Season Grade folder as it would be if created in the Pennant section. This requires the Pennant Season to be selected in the Pennant section and the teams and players and fixtures to be set up matching those in ResultsVault. This allows comparison with ResultsVault ladders.

2.7.1 Oct 4 2015
Bug Fix in tracking PastEvents when an event is resubmitted.
Added AutoTodayNow check box in RCEventReports: Events for Update Events.
Added FromCal check box in RCEventReports: Events for adding skip dates from the calendar.
Added Printing of round by round team ladders to Pennant: Ladders.

2.7.0 Sep 6 2015
Bug Fix in which the cursor wasn’t ready for first score entry in Pennant: MatchScores if the Grade was not manually selected.

2.6.9 Sep 6 2015
Added pairing of a Match Template to a Grade for automatic selection in Pennant: MatchScores.

2.6.8 Sep 5 2015
Added Printing of round summary along with player and grade ladders to Pennant: MatchScores.
Added options to Printing of match scores to Pennant: MatchScores.

2.6.7 Sep 3 2015
Added automatic saving and restoring of Pennant settings: the Season and several settings for MatchScores.

2.6.6 Aug 31 2015
Use Smart Tab to only enter the lower score for each game; all winning scores are automatically entered, including scores above 10-12. When Smart Tab is not checked winning scores are only automatically entered for scores of 10 or less.

2.6.5 Aug 31 2015
Pressing return or enter in the score entry fields in Pennant: MatchScores now auto enter opponent scores like the tab and arrow keys.
Smart tab check box to allow swapping to the other player for score entry as well as automatically going to the next match if the match has been won.
Calculate Match Scores in Pennant: MatchScores now uses the shown entries (even if not saved).
Modified Print All Grade & Player Ladders in Pennant: Ladders to restore original grade selection.
Added Paste Team From Clipboard to Pennant: TeamPlayers to allow easier copying of one team list to a team with a different name in the same grade or in another grade.
Added Sort Home Night to Pennant: Home Nights to sort by team name alphabetically or by Home night.
Added confirmation dialogue for grade deletion in Pennant: Grades.
Added confirmation dialogue for clearing the list of all teams in Pennant: Teams.
Added confirmation dialogue for clearing the list of all players in Pennant: Players.
Added confirmation dialogue for clearing the list of all Team Home Nights in Pennant: HomeNights.
Added confirmation dialogue for clearing the ladder settings for all grades in Pennant: Ladder Settings.
Changed to light green all buttons in the Pennant section that automatically save data.

2.6.4 Aug 26 2015
Colour added to tabs and sub tabs to make obvious the section being used.
MatchScores printing added.

2.6.3 Aug 24 2015
Bug fix: Import RatingList and ClubList block caused in 2.6.2 fixed.

2.6.2 Aug 22 2015
RCEventReports: Past Events sorting improved.
RCEventReports: Player Results screen removed since it was superfluous as RCEventReports: EventReports contained the information for inspection.
To RCEventReports, added a status field at the top right with the Event date and Name and the stages in production of the Event Report.
Added tracking of submitted Event Reports by colour coding in the PastEvents field.

2.6.1 Aug 18 2015
Fixed bug in Clear Skip Dates on RCEventReports: Events screen.
Added automatic saving and reloading of Skip dates on the RCEventReports: Events screen.
Added automatic saving and reloading of Skip dates on the Pennant: CreateFixture screen.

2.6.0 Aug 17 2015
Events and Results merged into one interface: RCEventReports.
RCEventReports: PlayersInEvents error logs automatically show players with the same name depending on the Country and State selections in the Setup screen.
Added No Subs check box in Pennant: Ladders to only include players named in teams for the grade.
Fixed bug in NoName filter in RCEventReports: EventMatchdata.
Fixed bug in Create Event Series in RCEventReports: Events which forced date increments to 7 days.
Added Skip dates to Create Event Series in RCEventReports: Events which requires specific dates to be skipped in the sequence.
Added ability to scan for all duplicates (same name) for club players in all of RatingsCentral on the RatingList screen.
Added a Check In Full Ratings List button to Pennant Players to check the listed club players against the Full unfiltered Ratings Central list.
The Full unfiltered RatingList and the filtered RatingList are now stored as txt files in the RatingsCentralLists folder in order to reduce the exe file size.
Revised The Manual Brief Overview to better indicate steps for first time users to avoid creating duplicates in RatingCentral.
Added Resizing control to the program screen.
Screen height reduced to better fit smaller screens.
Tips added to the Setup screen.

2.5.4 Aug 13 2015
Pennant Players Paste Players From Clipboard automatically remove duplicates.
Pennant MatchScores has player slot identifiers (A, B, C, X, Y, Z, and doubles D1…)
Pennant MatchScores has button to calculate the overall score for the scoresheet.
Pennant Ladders now have bold coloured headings.
Fixed bug in Pennant ladders that occurred for saved matches with no scores.
Specific Save buttons throughout program are now coloured Green to make them obvious.
Added a Check In Ratings List button to Pennant Players to check the listed club players against the Ratings Central list (filtered by country and state/province). A field indicates any players with the same name by colour (red), along with Ratings Central id, rating and club id.

2.5.3 Aug 11 2015
Restricted score entries to 0123456789F in Pennant Match Scores.
If the insertion point is not in a score entry field, the first press of tab or arrow keys in Pennant Match Scores now goes to the first score entry field for the first home player, obviating the need to click there to start score entries.

2.5.2 Aug 10 2015
Adjusted automatic scoring for Forfeits so that 1 game and 11 points is allocated in the team ladder for each F entered in the match scores.

2.5.1 Aug 10 2015
Added ability to delete a season, with warning to back up the season folders in the MatchData and MatchData Settings folder.
Terminology change to official usage: matches and games instead of rubbers and sets.
Added references in the Help and Manual to Forfeits and Incomplete matches for entering Pennant Match Scores.
Fixed ResultsVault: Copy to Pennant to work with the new Pennant: MatchScores layout.

2.5.0 Aug 9 2015
Match templates, Fixture templates and Finals templates all have final blank lines automatically removed on saving them to avoid errors that result from blank lines.
All the finals templates have been renamed from “Teams” to “FinalsTeams” to make more obvious that the number correspond to the number of teams that go into finals.
Added error checking with warning dialogue in Pennant Create Fixtures so that the fixture is not created if there are not the correct number of teams in the grade to match the fixture template. Byes can be added to do this.
Extended the available substitutes list to all players in drop boxes for home and away teams in Pennant MatchScores.
Fixed clicking on doubles players in Pennant MatchScores so that it correctly removes the player name.
Added separate buttons, Auto2 and Auto3, to automatically place 2 or 3 players for singles in the order of the team list.
Added display controls for the number of games per match in Pennant MatchScores.
Redesigned Pennant MatchScores score fieldds to include auto entries matching scores of 10 or less.
Auto colouring of scores in Pennant MatchScores to differentiate winners and lossers.

2.4.3 Aug 6 2015
Added ability to change the players in Pennant MatchScores after having previously saved the scores.
Added the ability to add substitutes to the team (TeamPlayers) or temporarily for a match (MatchScores).
Included filtering out of “Substitute” using Filter and Convert for RatingsCentral on the Results EventMatchData screen.
Added fullscreen check box in top right corner.

2.4.2 July 21 2015
Added printing of fixtures and fixture with scores.
Added icons for opening the Printouts folder.

2.4.1 July 13 2015
Added normal printing of ladders.

2.4.0 July 13 2015
Added printing of ladders to pdf files in the Printouts folder.

2.3.3 June 27 2015
Added Info Section hyperlinks to website.
Bug fixes to the Finals template editing buttons.
Added Copy to Clipboard to several Pennant screens.
Formatting in help and info screens similar to that in manual pdf.

2.3.2 June 27 2015
Added VersionCheck to the Info section. Removed version number elsewhere in the Info section.

2.3.1 June 27 2015
Transferring ResultsVault match scores with Copy to Pennant now works with the upgraded MatchScores screen.

2.3 June 27 2015
Pennant fixtures upgrade including minor grade display bug fix, addition of team specific fixtures, filtering out options for byes and finals and full listing of fixtures for all grades and all teams.
Added contact email in manual for comments, bug reports and feature requests.

2.2.1 June 26 2015
Added version number to the manual in the Info section for convenience.
Added All fixtures button to the Fixtures in the Pennant section which combines the season fixtures for all grades filtering out byes (no finals listed).

2.2.0 June 24 2015
Added Ratings Central ratings to Player ladders in the Pennant section.

2.1.0 June 21 2015
Added default event saving and placing so that on opening it is much quicker getting started with an event.
Auto event name check box changed to a button to apply the current drop menu settings for the event name.
Minor bug fix using ProcessPastedHtml in the ResultsVault Player Ratings.
Added ability to restore saved user settings on the Setup screen.
Improved score entry fields for match scores in the Pennant section.

2.0.2 June 1 2015
Added ability to create a season long series of blank Events for a grade.
Auto refreshing Match scores player lists for convenience when navigating there from adding players to a team in the TeamPlayers tab.

2.0.1 May 27 2015
Minor bug fix with name of saved match score files.
Auto refreshing of the fixtures screen when navigating to it from within the pennant section.

2.0.0 May 27 2015
Renaming to RCsubmitterPennant.
A new Pennant section to control everything to do with pennant.

1.9.3 May 18 2015
Tight integration of Event Calendar and Past Event list.
Loading of past event from Calendar date.

1.9.2 April 29 2015
Round indicator added for MatchIDs in RVExtractor.

1.9.1 April 27 2015
Some changes to the Event Match Data screen to make the function of the buttons more obvious.

1.9.0 April 26 2015
Coloured the Event Fields; Event Fields checking to see if filled so the Event can be Created; added reminder text to fill Event Fields
Create Event button changes to Update Event when a past event is clicked or when the Event date matches a past event submitted by RCsubmitter.
Help and Manual updated to included summary of steps for resubmittal of an Event.

1.8.1 April 21 2015
Added PlayerInEvents controls for setting Y (allows updating of personal information on submission) or N for all players.
PlayerInEvents now displays club nickname next to the club code for a player for convenience.

1.8.0 April 21 2015
Event Match Data controls in the Results Section added to give manual control of the converting and filtering options.
This now makes it possible to retain matches in which no scores are given, with just the winner first and loser second.
This now makes it possible to retain matches in which the scores are given as overall set scores such as 4-3.

1.7.0 April 20 2015
Player names reformatting/reversing to allow conversion of pasted match data names such as “Tim Smith” to “Smith, Tim”.

1.6.0 April 20 2015
New format for settings which included all the email settings.
Players with the same name are now listed in an Error Log for checking and quick replacement.
Direct email and webpost (http post) added.

1.5.1  April 10 201
Icons replaced: calendar and open folder.

1.5  April 9 2015
First release for feedback by other event directors.